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What Works Best, Regular or Synthetic Engine Oil?

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When your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram needs an oil change in Naples, look no farther than the service center at Naples CDJR. Our certified technicians know what type of oil each make and model needs. With OEM parts and the right type of oil, our certified technicians can help you keep your vehicle running like new.

Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

The best oil for your vehicle is the one recommended by the manufacturer. Today’s intricate engines and powertrains often require synthetic oil because it has different additives and grades that change the way the oil functions in the engine.

Synthetic oil comes from a highly refined conventional oil but has additives that make it a synthetic product. The refinement and additives give the oil a uniform molecular size to reduce friction in the engine. The added refinements also reduce oil deposits left in the vehicle, and the additives help keep the engine clean.

Drivers might notice the difference between regular and synthetic oil if they drive in extreme weather conditions. In cold weather, synthetic oil heats up and lubricates the engine faster and in extreme heat, the oil helps prevent overheating.

Regular oil also lubricates the engine, but conventional oil isn’t as refined as synthetic oil. Conventional oil takes longer to heat, so it takes longer to lubricate engines in cold weather. It also is more likely to build up engine sludge and deposits because it has more impurities in it.

When To Change Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil

Engines need frequent oil change services to keep engine parts running as they should. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual has manufacturer recommendations for mileage and time intervals for oil changes. Many manufacturers recommend oil changes between 3,000 and 10,000 miles or once per season. Drivers who use their vehicles to tow, in constant stop-and-go traffic, or in extreme hot or cold weather often need more frequent oil changes.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

When comparing synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, full synthetic oils tend to be the better choice. Some older model vehicles perform better with conventional motor oil, but most of the high-tech engines of late-model vehicles need the chemical compounds in synthetic blend oils.

Synthetic oil is best because it withstands high temperatures, performs better in cold weather, and often improves fuel efficiency and engine performance. Conventional oil is refined crude oil and can contain unwanted impurities that can reduce engine performance.

Trust the Service Techs at Naples CDJR

The service technicians at Naples CDJR know what oil works best in your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to a manufacturer’s service center, the techs use OEM parts and the best oil. The technicians and service advisors at Naples CDJR get to know you and your vehicle, and they appreciate the opportunity to help you keep your car, truck, or SUV running like new.