Car Buying vs Leasing

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Car Buying vs Leasing

Naples CDJR Weighs the Pros & Cons of Buying vs Leasing

At Naples Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we offer a premium collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles. From heavy-duty RAM trucks to Jeeps, Dodge SUVs and Chrysler sedans, there is something for everyone at our CDJR dealership. When determining between buying vs leasing, we are here to help you make an informed choice.

Our team of finance professionals outline the benefits of a RAM lease while also presenting lease deals that help you save more at signing. Uncover the benefits of a Jeep lease or a Dodge lease and weigh your options when working with the team at Naples CDJR.

Pros & Cons of a RAM Lease, Dodge Lease, Jeep Lease

When determining between buying vs leasing, it’s best to know the pros and cons. Once you’ve found the perfect vehicle at our CDJR dealership and drive the car on a test drive, our team will outline what’s involved when you lease a car, Jeep or truck. A Dodge lease is the ideal solution for individuals who like to keep vehicles short-term and who prefer to drive new cars, trucks or SUVs with the latest technology and high-performing engines.

With a RAM lease, you typically pay less at signing and make low monthly payments on a new vehicle from our CDJR dealership. Our finance professionals will determine the monthly cost and offer comparisons between buying vs leasing so you can make an informed decision. With a Jeep lease, the terms are usually approximately 36 months and you get to drive a new vehicle during its most trouble-free years.

When taking advantage of lease deals, you can save and even upgrade to top-of-the-line trim levels. When opting for a Dodge lease, though, you cannot accessorize or customize the vehicle and you must maintain the designated number of miles as stipulated in the Jeep lease contract. Once the RAM lease terms have ended, you have the option to simply turn over the keys, buy a car you’ve been leasing or select another vehicle for a new Jeep lease.

The Pros and Cons of Buying vs Leasing

For individuals who prefer to keep vehicles long term, an auto loan is often the most suitable option. Buying vs leasing a vehicle gives you the freedom to accessorize and customize your vehicle with options such as heated seats, rear spoilers and upgraded upholstery.

Car shoppers who choose buying vs leasing own the vehicle outright once all monthly payments of a car loan have been satisfied and can either sell the vehicle outright, trade it in for a new vehicle or keep it long term.

One of the cons of buying vs leasing is that you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs once your manufacturer warranty has expired. However, with an auto loan, you can take advantage of special interest rates and incentives from our CDRJ dealership and you are not limited to driving a designated number of miles.

Making the Choice: Buying vs Leasing

When working with the knowledgeable team at Naples CDJR who prioritize premium customer service, it’s easier than ever to decide between buying vs leasing. Our auto loan incentives and lease deals make it more affordable to select a vehicle you want and need. Contact our team today to learn more about the process of a RAM lease and for assistance with making the choice between buying vs leasing.